Two years out from the MILANO–CORTINA 2026 Olympics, we feel a part of the OLYMPIC province and are very proud to be able to host the races that will decide the Olympic medals for some winter sports. There won’t be many, but it’s the Olympic Games and not everyone has the good fortune to have the Olympics in their backyard. We do!

Athletes from all over the world will come to the province of Belluno to try to win the medals most coveted by any athlete.

So why not shine a spotlight on our region and show cyclists the spectacular backdrop that will welcome the world’s Olympic athletes?

The province of Belluno offers the DOLOMITES, which are some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Sportful Dolomiti Race remains one of the most difficult granfondos in Europe. It seems hard to believe, because everyone has their own bike and pedals with their own legs, but the difficulty of the event promotesTEAMWORK between riders who decide to tackle the route with old friends or make new ones on the road, looking to find in companionship the strength to face the challenge.

The EFFORT demands respect for others and leads to reciprocal support during moments of difficulty.

The GOAL: To reach the finish line under your own power, without getting into the “broom wagon” that the organizers provide at the back of the group to collect those who can’t continue. Riding a granfondo involves planning, months of training, and the desire to do something unique and special that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, to try to improve, to raise the bar.

SHARING: The presence of thousands of granfondo riders with the same goal for the day: to reach the finish line.

LIFE STORIES: Often, behind the CHALLENGE of completing a Sportful Dolomiti Race are life stories, of goals set to demonstrate that you’ve overcome unthinkable difficulties, of challenging times that you’ll be able to put behind you after this endeavor, of new life.