Pedale Feltrino is launching a new challenge for granfondo riders in 2024: a new route and new climbs in the heart of the Olympic Dolomites.


Participants will ride up the Valbelluna as far as Santa Giustina and enter the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park through the “gate” of Valle del Mis, riding alongside the lake, then reach the abandoned town of California before climbing the first of three forcelle (saddles), FORCELLA FRANCHE, while admiring the first Dolomiti Bellunesi.

After the intersection at the hamlet of Tiser, the riders will find the first feed zone, for all routes, followed by the descent toward AGORDO (remember Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder of Luxottica? Here, while riding, you’ll see in the distance part of what he created). Not everyone will reach Agordo, because the ROUTES DIVIDE shortly before.

The long route will go up through La Valle Agordina to start the Passo DURAN climb, with its inexorable double-digit gradients that will take the riders through spectacular scenery with a view of the Mojazza. There’s a feed zone at the top, before the descent to Dont, where the second saddle of the day begins: FORCELLA STAULANZA, the “Cima Coppi” (highest point) of the granfondo and in 2023 the finish location of the 18th stage of the Giro d’Italia (Oderzo–Val di Zoldo, won by Filippo Zana ahead of Tibaut Pinot). The organizers recommend stopping to admire the majesty of Monte Civetta and Monte Pelmo (called “el caregon del Padreterno,” God’s armchair). A long, beautiful descent will take the riders to Selva di Cadore and then Val Fiorentino, with the return to Agordo from Caprile, Alleghe, and Cencenighe. The descent will finish in Agordo, where the climb starts toward the last saddle of the day, FORCELLA AURINE, a moderate climb that will allow the legs to recover before the other big effort of the day: Passo CEREDA, but from a new side.

At the top, the riders will find good Segafredo coffee and music with a DJ. Perfect to liven up the next part of the ride before the very last effort of the day: Passo CROCE D’AUNE, where the monument to Tullio CAMPAGNOLO dominates — there where it all started 29 years ago (it would be 30, but one was lost with COVID) and where everyone will pass by.

Then, finally, the glorious finish in the historical center of FELTRE, with the last little rise of the day, the 450 m on the cobblestones of Via Mezzaterra up to Piazza Maggiore, a spectacular setting and a worthy culmination of the 200 km and 5,000 m of effort.



For those who choose to ride the MEDIO route, we offer another beautiful challenge made up of 120 km and 2,450 m of elevation gain. After riding the first part with those doing the long route, they will go directly to Voltago Agordino, where the climb to FORCELLA AURINE will start, a pleasant and manageable climb, before tackling the “Cima Coppi” of the day: Passo CEREDA. At the top, a pit stop for Segafredo coffee and music to recharge before the descent that will lead to Primiero and then to the last effort of the day at Passo CROCE D’AUNE.