Although we won’t be able to see you on June 21 in Feltre at the start of the 26th Sportful Dolomiti Race, we haven’t lost our enthusiasm or the desire to have you ride our climbs, admiring the beautiful Dolomites.

So we’ll do it via the new Granfondo Italiane Virtuali circuit, promoted by ENDU in collaboration with the organizers of the other three events.

The circuit will consist of the following races:

  • Saturday, April 25, the circuit opens with the Prologue
  • Sunday, April 26,  the Virtual Granfondo Internazionale Gavia e Mortirolo.
  • Friday, May 1, is the Virtual Granfondo Marcialonga Craft.
  • Sunday, May 3,  the Virtual Granfondo Sportful Dolomiti Race.
  • Saturday, May 9, we conclude the Virtual Granfondo La Fausto Coppi – Officine Mattio.

For all the granfondos, the start is set for 9:00 a.m.

What do you need?

Register to join the circuit, ride on your trainer and have fun with us!



It obviously won’t be possible to ride the full granfondo, but only an important section, which for us is the last climb, from Ponte Oltra to Passo Croce d’Aune: 11.5 km with gradients that reach 16%.

It’s the climb that has often decided the final podium of the Sportful Dolomiti Race, and in 2019 also the 20th stage of the Giro d’Italia.



Then the descent, the rolling terrain after the town of Pedavena and the last unavoidable climb up Via Mezzaterra: 450 meters of pure suffering to reach the longed-for finish line in the spectacular Piazza Maggiore in Feltre.




The registration fee for the entire circuit is €19.99 (€4.90 per event) and includes a free month on the Rouvy platform, even for those who have already finished the trial period.

To register, just go to:



When you register for the ENDU Virtual Granfondo – Spring Edition, you will receive a WELCOME KIT from the circuit (free access to ROUVY and a Premium subscription to the Never Alone App).

Each granfondo also has a real RACE PACKET for every participant. Inside will be a RACE NUMBER and, at the conclusion of the circuit, a CERTIFICATE of participation.

In the race packet for the Virtual Granfondo SPORTFUL DOLOMITI RACE you will also find exclusive discount vouchers for SPORTFUL, ENERVIT, VITTORIA and L’ISOLA DEI TESORI products.



With a smart trainer

If you have a smart trainer, you can participate in the virtual granfondos with the greatest level of engagement.

Smart trainers are equipped with electronics to measure power, cadence and speed and can be connected to computers, tablets, smartphones or Apple TV through Bluetooth or the ANT+ wireless protocol. They offer the most realistic experience, with dynamic gradient adaptation.

To check whether your trainer is compatible, see the complete list of trainers.

You will then need to download and sign up for Rouwy.


With a classic trainer or spin bike

You can also participate with a classic trainer or spin bike, with or without cadence and/or speed sensors.

You can take part in the race as a “watcher,” that is, personally following any participant with a smart trainer, simulating in parallel the climbs, flats and descents.

At the end of the event you’ll need to send a GPX/TCX/FIT file or an image that demonstrates participation in order to compete in the rankings. With the ENDU livestream you’ll be able to enjoy the announcers’ comments and cheers.




All the ENDU virtual granfondos will be broadcast live on Facebook with commentary from the best-known voices on the granfondo scene: announcers Paolo Mei and Paolo Mutton. They will be joined by ENDU ambassadors and sports champions.



The day of the event, you need to first print out your personal race number, which will be sent to you, and place it on the front of your bike before “entering the starting grid.” Take a photo and share it on your social media channels.

Secure your smartphone in front of you in a position that’s easy to see. Connect to the ENDU Facebook page30 minutes before the start of the granfondo (check the schedule), put on your earphones, turn up the volume and let the animated cheering of our guests spur you on!

And at the end of the race, don’t miss the “Processo alla Granfondo” post-race show on the ENDU Training Channel!