The Sportful Dolomiti Race opens registration for 2022
and embraces the Swiss reliability of Datasport

On October 27, the Sportful Dolomiti Race officially reopens registration for the cycling event scheduled for June 19, 2022, in Feltre, Italy.

Beginning at 12:27 p.m. it will be possible to reserve your place on the starting line for edition number … 27 of one of the most anticipated amateur events of the year. And it’s certainly the most challenging, featuring nearly 5,000 meters of elevation gain over 204 kilometers, with four passes to climb while admiring the Dolomites: Cima Campo (1,045 m), Passo Manghen (2,047 m), Passo Rolle (1,970 m) and Passo Croce d’Aune (1,015 m). Participants have a shorter alternative as well, which also involves an effort commensurate with the Sportful Dolomiti Race’s reputation as major challenge to mark on your calendar and remember for life. The Medio Fondo route features 2,800 m of elevation gain over 122 kilometers (Cima Campo, Val Malene, the Ronche-Rugna wall and Passo Croce d’Aune).

This year Pedale Feltrino, the club in Feltre that organizes the grandfondo, will have a notable new partner: Datasport.

Datasport is a timing and marketing company based in Switzerland that is recognized for its precision and innovation. It is no coincidence that it also provides the official timing service for the mountain bike world championships and many other internationally renowned mass events. In Italy, in road cycling events, it is used only by the Maratona dles Dolomites — and, beginning in 2022, also the Sportful Dolomiti Race.

As with any new partnership, the relationship with Datasport will also bring innovation, starting with the race number, which will disappear from the handlebars and will instead be placed under the saddle, exactly like those used by the pros. Inside is an innovative time measurement system. The chip will be disposable, thus eliminating the need for participants to rent and return the device. And there’s more. Participants will also be able to choose to enable live tracking, allowing friends and family to follow them in the race.

“It’s an important step for us,” explained Ivan Piol, president of the organizing committee. “After more than 20 years, we’ve decided to change and align ourselves with a company that is a world leader in the timing sector and has a reputation for proven reliability. It’s an alliance that will enable us to have a much more significant presence in foreign markets as well, where Datasport is very strong. But we’ll also be able to use innovative and cutting-edge technologies, like the chip that will be disposable and inserted into a double-sided number placed under the rider’s saddle. No more handlebar numbers, which many cyclists cut to fit around their bike computer mount, creating many problems with identification and therefore safety. Datasport will also allow us to offer participants a live tracking service, and we’re working on a series of other innovative services as well — as is our tradition.”

“At Datasport we are committed to ensuring the best experience for participants, organizers and spectators,” said Thomas Bachofner, Datasport CEO, at the contract signing at the company’s headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. “We are pleased that a prominent event like the Sportful Dolomiti Race has decided to partner with us. We are eager to start working together!”

About Datasport
Datasport has been one of the most important providers of services for mass sporting events since 1983. Together with its Abavent subsidiary, the Swiss company has 30 full-time and approximately 70 part-time employees and manages around 400 events with 700,000 athletes across the Alpine region each year.

Datasport differentiates itself through its extremely high quality of service, innovative products and customer-friendly solutions — from marketing and online registration to the management of participants’ data and race timing. Every athlete deserves their personal time.

Note: In the photo, Ivan Piol and Thomas Bachofner at the time of the signing and the handshake that signifies the two-year agreement between the two organizations.