It’s time. 

Today, October 10, beginning at 12:30

you can register for the 

28th Sportful Dolomiti Race on June 18, 2023


You know the Feltre granfondo is different from the others. You can’t just wing it; you have to love it, study the route, prepare every detail, and savor every kilometer.

You need to mark it on your calendar early, because starting on January 1, 2023, it will become the goal behind all your rides, and you’ll relish the feeling of the finish in Feltre until the last meter … together with the cold beer immediately afterward! 

After all, this is the lure of the Sportful Dolomiti Race, a journey that starts months beforehand, maybe together with a few riding partners, and concludes on June 18 with the greatest sense of satisfaction: being able to say at the finish line, “I did it!”

So, all we can say is that we’re looking forward to seeing you and that we’re working to provide a weekend that we hope will become one of your favorite memories.

Sportful Dolomiti Race

Organizing Committee

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